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Product description: This product is non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, the wet product is white glue, dry product is white powder, it has uniform pore size distribution, large volume, good hygroscopicity, high radial purity, and good formability. This product has good dispersibility, it is easily soluble in strong acid and strong alkali solution.

Usage: This product is mainly used as catalyst carrier—raw material of activated aluminium oxide, such as, it can be used as the raw material of hydrogenation catalyst and used in the production of hydrogenation catalyst carrier, oxychlorination catalyst carrier, etc. This product is the favorable raw material of various aluminium salts.
Packing and storage: Packed with woven bag. Keep in dry, cool and ventilated warehouse.
Mark: Give clear indication of product name, net weight, content, batch number, factory, etc.
Explanation: To determine the content of the composition based on the customers' requirement. Quality standard: QB/FYNBS-2012

Na2O %
Fe2O3 %
SiO2 %
Loss on ignition %
Bulk specific weight g/ml
Specific surface area m2/g

Pore volume ml/g

Peptization index %
Impurity phase %
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